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Aluminum extrusion for glass greenhouse
Min. Order: 500
The pinion frame is made of galvanized steel sheet, is gearing with gear teeth accurately, small noise, reliable performance.

We offer various types to customers as below:

1" ...
The bracket is used for connecting WJ gear motor to greenhouse structure.

Model No.: DJZ-KLWJ
Shaft supporter for drive shaft.
The spring is used to guide polyester wire.

Model No.: DWH-N
The spring is used to guide polyester wire.

Model No.: SSP-07
The wire is used for shading system to hold shade curtain, made of polyester, strong tensile strength, long lifecycle.
Used to open and close greenhouse curtaining system

Large Torque

Stable performance

Accurate limit control
We may offer various specification bolt special for greenhouse.

Main specification ranges as below:

M6 * 75 + locknut

M6 * 40 + locknut

M5 * 20+ locknut

M6 * 20+ ...
The spring is used to guide polyester wire.

Model No.: DWH-P
The wire is used for fixing the edge of curtain, or to be used as curtain holding wire.

Size: 2.0mm

Model No.: MX-G2
The spring is used to guide polyester wire.

Model No.: DWH-J
The connector is used for aluminum leading edge connection.

Model No.: XCJB-5.
Toggle switch makes operation more flexible and convenient

4-digital display is easy to read

Connectors for temperature, wind speed and rain-snow sensor

DC24 output

LED ...
Product decription

Intelligent single-row instrument can display four digital;

Various signal input function, three keys operation

Setting the parameter easily
The connector is used to connect the aluminum leading edge.

Model No.: SSP-13
We offer high quality and effcient mounting of screen and blackout installations.

There are different types edge for system.
Production description

Manual control, remote control and automatic control are available;

Two power input option, 110v/220v

Three interfaces for wind speed, rainfall and ...
Detailed Product Description

Easy to install and operate
Reliable performance of selflocking
Side ventilation for greenhouse
Widely used in greenhouse

It is widely used ...
Easy to install and operate
Reliable selflocking
Roof ventilation for greenhouse
Worm gear structure

It is widely used for greenhouse roof ventilation and poulty house ...
Product Features

Stable performance, low noise, big air flow capability

220V/110V, 50/60Hz input, wide range usage

Insulation Protection IP45

Thermo protector built in, ...
Detailed Product Description

Continuous vent system is consists of Vent gear motor, drive shaft, rack and pinion, shaft bearing.

Gear motor drives pinion through drive ...
Detailed Product Description

Side ventilation for livestock curtain ventilation
Big speed ratio and output torque, light weight
Working with extention bar
Easy operation ...